Sensicast Systems
Intern → QA → Hardware Hacker → Software Engineer
Summers & Winters, 2003-2007

Started interning with Sensicast after graduating high school in 2003. Every summer and winter break for the next four years was spent there with increasing work and responsibility. Their main product was a wireless mesh sensor network running on their proprietary 802.15.4 protocol.

Typical days included: soldering hardware and assembling cables, connectors, and devices; testing hardware and radios in extreme environments (high heat, freezing cold, long range, harsh radio environments); testing software and fixing bugs where appropriate; configuring, maintaining, and deploying wireless mesh networks in-house and in customer locations; developing web, desktop, and mobile applications using PHP, javascript, MySQL, embedded C (MSP430 & Atmega128), C#, and Windows mobile. Supported the company through their series A fundraising round.